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Why "Un fremito d'ali" (a flutter of wings)?

Simply because I was asked by Father Nazario the guardian friar of the Sanctuary in S. Giovanni Rotondo.

Certainly such a request, after realizing and directing a musical on St. Claire, found a pleasing welcome in me, because Leo Amici, my maestro and founder of “The little Village out of the world” (Rimini) where I live and operate, had already in his youth, defined him a real saint. Between them there was something invisible that bound them like when Father Pio said to Mrs Maria Trenta: “Why have you come to me?” and advised her to go to Leo in Civitavecchia. But there is more to say about it. Nino Rubino, whom I have known for a long time, reminded me that, five years ago, I asked him if he would play the part of father Pio in a spectacle. This episode was hidden in my memory and I was reminded only a few days ago, when I had already finished the staging, but it confirmed to me, had it been necessary, plots above my own will and of my obeying the voice of Heaven.

I thought it good, useful, “evangelizing” to enter into the personality of Father Pio, so that, through the spectacle, he can live again, express and continue to donate his particular binds with the invisible.

For young people above all, whom it is right to give the truth to, and highly Christian contents in different shapes no more deceived by the things of the world that, because they don’t follow the logic of God, offer spoiled images attracting and pushing them towards negative ends.

Let’s open then the curtains on the beauty of God!

Carlo Tedeschi



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