Carlo Tedeschi - Stefano Natale - Andrea Tosi - Gianluca Raponi

Carlo Tedeschi


He designed, formed and directed the Theatrical Company and the Academy of Art and Professional Theatrical Formation L.Amici of the lake of Monte Colombo (RN)

He is author and director

Sicuramente Amici – musical
Dio, che meraviglia! – musical
Lo S…varietà è donna – variety
Lo S…Varietà made in Italy – variety
Accadde ad Allumiere - musical ballad
Notte Gitana – spanish performance
Senza fili – dance and mime
Un vagito nella notte – Greccio, 1223
Notte di Natale – Musical Nativity of San Francesco
Nel nome di Gesù – musical
Dedicato a Te, Signore – recital
Chiara di Dio – musical


Lui and Tedeschi

Collection of frescoes and canvases put together by the poetic and philosophical interpretation of Leo Amici

The Canvas beyond Time

Collection of extracts, images, words

Free reflection

Collection of the last pictorial production



He began to paint in his childhood and completed more than 600 works among canvas, drawing, incisions and frescoe


Angela degli Abissi – romance - Edizioni Dare
Il Ritorno dal Labirinto - romance – Edizioni Casa della Stampa
L’Uomo dal Turbante Rosso – romance – Stella Polare
Parole – Poesie – B.F. editrice
Ricordando - collection – B.F. editrice
Dai Diari di Maria e Carlo – Maria di Gregorio and Carlo Tedeschi’s diary extracts –B.F. editrice


La verità di un ragazzo
Artistic Director – (film documented by Leo Amici)
Che meraviglia, Amici
Film about which the subject writes and participates in the script

At the Lake of Monte Colombo (Rimini), under the auspices of the Diocese of Rimini ‘the mission of the people for the people’, and ‘ to communicate the Gospel in a changing world’
Carlo Tedeschi is animator of the centres of Gospel, of catechism and of socio-cultural and humanitarian initiatives carried out there.

Some artists of his theatrical company
Participated at:

Alleluia, Brava Gente with Sabrina Ferilli
Rugantino by Garinei and Giovannini
I Figli della Lupa with Valeria Morioni
…e meno male che c’è with Enrico Montesano
Un paio d’ali by Garinei and Giovannini

Stefano Natale


Composer, musician and arranger of Carlo Tedeschi’s musicals and performances.

He produced theme songs and soundtracks of various programs and documentaries for the national televisions. He was the author of: The way of life performed by Billy Preston and Sam Moore.

He was co-author of the soundtrack movie What a wonder, friends! Stefano produced the soundtrack for the documentary film by Leo Amici: The true of a young man.

Stefano, manager of the Ralac Group Television (an audio video production and post-production), realized cultural and sport programs for the national televisions. He produced the video of the musical “Clare of God” shot in the exceptional framework of St. Damiano Convent in Assisi on the occasion of the 750° anniversary of Saint Clare death. He also realised the video of “A Flutter of Wings” – the life of Father Pio as seen by the Angels.

He put in place the audio and video archive of the Leo Amici Foundation. He has been collaborating with Carlo Tedeschi both in his humanitarian and artistic initiatives.

Andrea Tosi

Andrea Tosi

Composer and arranger, Andrea begun his professional experience with Carlo Tedeschi musicals, shadowing Stefano Natale.

He has, since then, continued his collaboration with them. His last works included “Clare of God” and “A Flutter of Wings”. He worked at the Sistina theatre in Rome with Garinei and Giovannini (two top art directors) as musical assistant of maestros: G. Ferrio, A. Trovajoli and C. Mattone in the following musicals: “Alleluia Brava Gente”, “Rugantino”, “Un paio d’ali”, “Aggiungi un posto a tavola” and “Scugnizzi”.

Together with Stefano Natale, won the first prize as Best Soundtrack of a Documentary-Film: “Angela degli Abissi” at the Underwater World Film Festival in 1990 in Antibes.

He worked as musical consultant to an advertising spot of a famous coffee producer (Illy) under the direction of Francis Ford Coppola and as musical assistant in the live CD recording of Sting “On such a night”.


Gianluca Raponi 

He was the choreographer of Carlo Tedeschi success musicals as Clare of God and A Flutter of Wings. His education and training took place at the Lake Academy in Monte Colombo Rimini directed by Carlo Tedeschi. There he studied ballet with the RAD method, modern jazz, tip tap, acrobatic dance, singing, acting and music.

In 1986 he joined Carlo Tedeschi theatrical company and participated to all his performances as male lead with the choreography of Carmelo Anastasi (founding member of the IALS in Rome).

He worked at the Sistina theatre under the direction of Pietro Garinei in the musicals: “Alleluia Brava Gente” with Sabrina Ferilli and “Meno male che c’è Maria” with Enrico Montesano and “I figli della lupa” with Valeria Moriconi.

In the Renato Greco Ballet, he performed as male lead in: “Triccaballacca” “Trilussa” “Caino e Abele” “Talk about” and “Child” with the choreographies of Maria Teresa dal Medico e Renato Greco.

He participated in many national television programs.

Operettas: at the Verdi theatre in Trieste under the direction and choreography of Gino Landi “Il Pipistrello” and “La Vedova Allegra”. At the Roma Opera House “La Vedova Allegra”.

Films: leading actor of the documentary film “The True of a young man” by Leo Amici. In the 2007 summer, the Commision of the Royal Academy Dance of London, offered him the job as teacher of the jazz dance specialization course in Fondo Valle di Non (Trentino Alto Adige region)